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What is MDF and why use it for skirting boards?


Choosing a design for your skirting can be pretty hard these days due to the variety available on the internet. Choosing the material to use can be an even harder choice due to the pros and cons of each material. We use MDF for almost all of the skirting we manufacture, but...

What is MDF?

Believe it or not, we get quite a few customers who will ask the question - 'what is MDF?'. We start by saying that MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard.

It is a manmade material and is often found in products like furniture for your home. MDF is manufactured using wood fibres that are gathered from hardwoods and softwoods that have been broken down. High temperatures and pressures are used along with waxes and resins to bind the wood fibers together and make the sheets of MDF that we use to create skirting boards.

So, you're no longer asking the question 'what is mdf?'. Now you want to know...

Why use MDF over softwoods like Pine or hardwoods like Oak?

When our customers ask us what material we recommend they use for their skirting and architrave, we always tell them that MDF is the best option for many reasons (we also recommend HDF, but that's for another post!):

  • MDF is cheaper than almost every other common material used to create skirting boards.
  • MDF is made to last and will generally last for as long as the property it is used within.
  • The surface of MDF is smooth making the final paint finish smooth also. This is a benefit of not having a grain and imperfections such as knots and holes commonly found in materials like Pine.
  • MDF won't expand and contract like wood

If you need extra protection against moisture (issues with damp, bathrooms, etc.), HDF is the material we would recommend but generally MDF should be perfect for most households.

All of our products are available in MDF - this includes skirting, architraves, window boards and door frames.

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What's the purpose of a skirting board?

Skirting boards have been around for many years (known as a baseboard in the USA) and have quite a few purposes.

Victorian 2 Skirting

They make a room look much more appealing to the eye: most of the time, there is a gap where a wall meets a floor. This can be unsightly and so a skirting board would be used to cover this up and give it a much higher quality finished look. You can choose from a wide variety of designs when it comes to skirting boards nowadays as they are also seen as a decorative piece of the household interior.

They protect the bottom of the wall from scuffs and scrapes: if you've ever hoovered in your life, you'll know that you have to go all the way up to the wall and this means there will be contact between the wall and the hoover. Without skirting boards, your precious walls would probably be reduced to rubble in very little time. Add children with toys to the mix and the skirting boards are a must as they'll take the brunt of the damage.

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How to fit skirting boards

So you've just got your hands on some nice new skirting boards. Now it's time to install them. Here's some of our tips on how to fit skirting boards.


How to fit skirting boards with Gripfill

We sell a product called Gripfill that is a fantastic adhesive. When our customers ask us what they should use to fit their new skirting boards, we recommend this product because we know it does what it says on the tin. Fitting skirting boards with Gripfill couldn't be easier - put some on the back of the board and stick it to the wall. That's the short version, but it is still very simple to use and super effective in the long run.


We recommend making sure that the back of the skirting board is as clean as possible and dust free. This applies to the wall on which the skirting board is going to be fitted. Once this is done, put a line of Gripfill on the back of the skirting board - starting from one end and finishing at the other.

Next, align the skirting board with the wall you are fitting it to and firmly push it against the wall. Hold it in place firmly for around a minute. Finally, we recommend using two small pins in either end of the skirting board to secure it to the wall whilst the Gripfill dries. This is optional, but will make sure the skirting board sits in place while the Gripfill gets to work.


How to fit skirting boards with plugs and screws

Using this method is reliable and can be quicker than waiting around for adhesives to dry. The downfall is that you will be left with visible holes that will have to be filled in.

First of all, simply use a pilot drill to create holes in skirting boards for the screws. You may want to do this whilst the skirting boards are positioned where you want them to be so that you can drill into the wall for the plug to be inserted. You can also countersink the holes in the skirting boards using a larger drill - this will hide the screws away and make it easier to fill them in.

Once the holes are done (and the plugs are in the wall) you simply put the skirting board into position and secure them to the wall using screws. The final step would be filling in the screw holes to give the skirting boards a smooth and even look.

These are just our tips to help you fit your skirting boards. You can find more information here.

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We now sell 15mm skirting boards!


Perfect if you're looking for thin skirting boards


We're proud to announce that in addition to our 18mm and 25mm skirting boards, we now sell them in 15mm too along with matching 15mm architraves - if it's thin skirting you're after, look no further!

Thin Skirting Boards in 15mm MDF

Thin skirting is modern


A lot of traditional skirting is much thicker than the standard sizes we produce these days. We often find that when customers are trying to match exisiting skirting, it's made out of timber and is anywhere between 25mm and 50mm thick!

To get a much more modern look and feel, you can use our thin 15mm skirting. It uses up a lot less space than traditional skirting, creating more floor space for you and your furniture.


Thin skirting boards are lightweight


If you're fitting the skirting by yourself (maybe you're a keen DIYer?), you'll make it a lot easier for yourself if you use 15mm thick MDF. It's available in 3050mm lengths making it more manouverable than the 4200mm lengths and because it's thinner, it's lightweight and puts less strain on your body.


Overall, we have 76 different designs on our website for you to choose from. When it comes to 15mm, there is 63 to choose from! This is because some of the designs simply cannot be put on a 15mm thick piece of board as the profile was either too deep and made the design too weak or the top of the design was too thin that it would completely disappear on a thinner board.





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Get your photo on our facebook page!

We're all about providing our customers with quality products. Therefore, it's in our best interests to showcase some of our work. But we can only do so much - heres how you can help.

Image of Skirting Board

As you can see, the image above shows you what the design looks like. That's a good start but we need to show customers what it can look like when fitted which we simply can't do alone. That's why were asking you.

If you've ordered from us before and now have the skirting boards or architraves fitted in your home, you could showcase it on our facebook page. All we need is a photo of the skirting or architraves in place and we'll put it on our facebook. Not only does this show of your choice of skirting, it also shows customers what our products look like once the skirting is fitted.

Simply send a photo to along with your name and we'll put it on our facebook page.

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Our Skirting Board Profile Designs


Here at Skirting World Ltd, we have a lot of skirting board profile designs to choose from.

You may have seen some of them before like Ogee 1, Torus and Bullnose as these are pretty common designs for the industry.


But we also have a lot of very different designs that other companies don't offer.


Our Grooved 1 and Grooved 2 profile designs are very popular and ideally named by how they look.


Lambs Tongue 2 (has been a featured profile) is a sleek skirting board design that fits many surroundings.


If it's a detailed piece of skirting board you're after, our Reeded profile designs might take your fancy. Reeded 3 features 3 curves at the top of the profile which flow parallel to one another. This profile design goes well with a tall skirting board.


We try to provide as many profile designs as possible for you to get your perfect skirting board, but everyone has different tastes. That's why we offer a bespoke service. You send us a picture of the design you're looking for and we will try our best to get a 100% match.

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We have supplied Cowboy Builders!

I guess you've heard of it and even watched it like many people in the UK.

Cowboy Builders

We have recently been in touch with Cowboy Builders and have agreed to supply them with our products including Skirting Boards and Architraves. We have been told that the show we have supplied products for will air in Spring 2014, so keep your eyes peeled and stay with us for updates and more information!

Skirting World Ltd - Proud Supplier to Cowboy Builders on Channel 5


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Which skirting would best suit your home?

Deciding on the skirting boards you want around your home doesn't have to be difficult.

Skirting World Samples

We offer samples of all of our profiles you can see online! Make sure that your making the right choice by ordering some samples to see how they sit in your home or match up to older skirting boards.

You can have upto 5 samples per address meaning you don't have to narrow your choices down to much! The samples start from £2.50 and all come with free delivery!

Interested in our samples? Click here for our range.


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Don't forget your doors! - Architraves


You're skirting boards might look phenomenal, but what about your doors?

An architrave set that matches your skirting can really finish off the look of a room.


A single architrave set consists of 2 legs at 2440mm and 1 head at 1220mm (a double just has a longer head piece at 2440mm). They also come in 18mm and 25mm widths to match your existing skirting.

You can also use architrave lengths if your doors are not quite the standard sizes. These are available in 2440mm, 3050mm and 4200mm lengths.

Are you now itching to get your hands on some lovely architraves? Check ours out - 18mm Architraves, 25mm Architraves

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Find us on Facebook and Twitter!

We've now delved into the world of Social Media! Got any questions? Want to know more about us and what we do? Head over to the links below and see what we've been upto!


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Jessie J Photoshoot for Elle Magazine

You may or may not have seen these pictures but for us they're a pretty big deal. The skirting you can see was supplied by us - mdfskirtingworld!

Jessie J Photo on Facebook

Jessie J Photo on Facebook


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All New HDF 4200mm Lengths

Read entire post: All New HDF 4200mm Lengths

We are happy to announce that we have replaced our MDF 4200mm lengths with HDF.

HDF is far superior to MDF in many ways and it doesn't cost you a penny more!

For information on HDF click here and if you want to see it for yourself, find the range here.


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