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T2 Coupler / Rotator

T2 Coupler / Rotator

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T2 Coupler/Rotator



The T2 Rotator/Coupler is ideal for systems with short back focus (astro photography) and when a quick changing unit and / or rotation is wanted.

The T2 Rotator/Coupler is a real problem solver. This part offers 360° rotation and a quick change unit with short optical length. The inner part is a ring dovetail guaranteeing a perfectly centred hub. Fields of use: -- for precise orientation of the camera (360° rotatable) -- quick connection and removal of the camera


Technical details:


Telescope side thread: T2 female

Camera side thread: T2 male

Optical length: only 5.5mm

Fixing screws: 2 metric M3 set screws / 1 metric M3 knurled screw


Product Note Status Price
M48 to T2 Adapter M48 to T2 Adapter
£16.50 *
10mm T2 Extension 10mm T2 Extension
£12.50 *
Variable T2 Extension 20.5-30 mm Variable T2 Extension 20.5-30 mm
£25.50 *
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