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Intes Micro 715 Deluxe SE

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The Maksutov Cassegrain is considered the ultimate Reflector type and offers performance very close to the best APO Refractors. Intes Micro are the most well known of Maksutov type manufacturers and provide optics of only the finest quality.

The 715 Deluxe SE is internally baffled and with a central obstruction of only 27% and together with the gauranteed optical performance, offers extremely high contrast for planetary and lunar observing and imaging. The 715 is a real alternative to the performance offered by a 4-5" high end Apochromat.

The Intes Micro 715 Deluxe SE offered here is supplied with the following accessories.

• Large 50mm finderbracket and 50 mm finder

• 2" Stardiagonal Deluxe with 96% reflection coating

• Adapter 2"/1.25"

• Piggy back camera mount

• Side mounted 12 Volt cooling fan

• Padded transporting case

• Baffled dew shield

• Includes Vixen style GP mount rail and Dovetail holder

• Zygo Test Report

• Lens cap

All our Maksutov reflectors are supplied with an test report confirming performance. The Deluxe SE versions offered here uses low expansion fused silica quartz mirrors with a minimum mirror surface accuracy of 1/8 wave ptv.

Only a limited number of these SE packages are available and will be delivered in February.



Type Maksutov Cassegrain
Tube Material Aluminium
Aperture 178mm
Focal Ratio 15
Obstruction 27%
Focal Length 2670mm
Main Mirror Quartz
Secondary Mirror Quartz
Coating 96%
Resolution 0.65 Arc Seconds
Limit Value 13 Mag
Max Magnification 350x
Back Focus 290mm Max
Focusing Main Mirror
Connection SC Thread
Tube Length / Diameter 555mm / 220mm
Weight 6kg


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